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Mythos Ex Machina creates unique, immersive worlds for your next big thing. Whether you're a novelist on the brink of your next epic saga, a game developer in search of a unique backdrop, or a storyteller seeking fresh inspiration, Mythos Ex Machina is your gateway to unparalleled creativity.

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Simple Pricing

Generating worlds from nothing is hard work.


You get 50 gold upon subscribing. Generating a world costs 1 gold. You get 50 more gold every 30 days.

What’s included

  • Randomly Generate Worlds
  • Generates Concept, Regions, Settlements, etc.
  • Images of World Regions
  • Generate From Custom Concept (Soon)

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Your Worlds

A look at all the diverse worlds you've created.

Your Library of Worlds.
A simple view of all the worlds you have created.
Reminisce, at a glance.
Read the one-line summary of your world -- no need to open it up to remember what it's about.
World List

Dive in

World Concept

Dive into a world of your choosing.

Explore your world.
Explore the different aspects of your world: its regions, settlements, its people, and more.
Visually stunning.
See the world you created come to life with images.
World Concept